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PLC: some text goes here, MATLAB: some text goes here, AVR: some text goes here, C#: some text goes here and ...

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visiting of Sanandaj Combined cycle PowerStation for undergraduate students, taking part in other seminars all over the country, visiting electrical manufactures

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Natural Networks Systems, Introduction to Electric Circuits Book, Recent Activity On Micro grids, Theoretical and Practical consideration of multilevel per cell flash memory channels, Introducing Electrical engineering to new Students in introduction seminar, How to Apply? The new sights in smart grids


Harekat Festival

held on 1 month 3 weeks ago at Central parking lot

Harekat is an annual national festival being held in universities all over country. 

Registeration Deadline

held on 2 months 1 week ago at university of Kurdistan

The registeration deadline for mentioned ( English and MATLAB ) courses , is  May 5th (Ordibehesht 15th).


C++ Workshop

held on 6 months 3 weeks ago at Dr.Sheybani Hall

by Hadi Jahanirad, PhD

FPGA Chips

held on 7 months ago at Dr.Sheybani Hall

lecturer : Hadi Jahanirad, PhD

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